The Granitize Story

Granitize Europe distributes the Granitze range of aircraft surface protection, presentation, cleaning and restoration products. Since Tony Redmond established Granitize Europe in 2003 we have been bringing the famed Granitize range to the aviation industry across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and beyond.

Granitize has been manufacturing quality chemicals, polishes and waxes for over 80 years under the Granitize name. Over the years, the development of new products has taken us to offer items for the care, cleaning and protection of cars, boats, RV’s, kitchen and bathroom surface care and OEM mold release under the names Gel-Gloss, Gel-Gloss RV, Sea power and TR Industries.

Around the year 2000, Boeing was in need of a corrosion inhibitor for certain engine inlets that were corroding faster than they should have. After researching the problem, we developed a product called X20 AECI3 for inhibiting corrosion and submitted it to Boeing for approval. Boeing and Rolls Royce put it through their vigorous testing and not only approved it for retarding corrosion, but purchased X20 AECI3 and gave it to the aircraft operators with the problem inlets. Great news travels fast and it was not long before Gulfstream and most all of the airframe manufacturers added X20 AECI3 to their maintenance manuals to protect bare metals. In the subsequent years, variations of the X20 AECI3 formula have been developed to work better on painted surfaces. Some airframe manufacturers like Dassault and Pilatus have added X20 AECI3 to their manuals for protecting and prolonging the life of paint, not to mention reducing cleaning costs and providing fuel savings. We have also been able to create variations of this formula to be used in the care and protection of automobiles both inside and out.

X20 AECI3 launched Granitize into the aviation world and we spent years taking existing formulations for cleaners and polishes and strengthening them to withstand the rigors of flight. This has allowed us to provide a premier line of detailing products for aircraft that are of superior quality and have the established aviation approvals. You can be assured when using Granitize Aviation products, whether they are cleaners, metal polishes or polymer coatings, that you have a product that will do the job and perform to high expectations.

We continue to use our research and development team to create new and exciting products to add to our current family of products. Items such as our brand new AeroMitt for surface prep are being added as we grow and expand. We hope that you will take the opportunity to grow with us. 

Following Tony Redmond’s retirement in late 2020 the Grantize Europe Operation is now under the care of William McGonagle – and William invites you to experience Granitize’s continued commitment to the highest quality products for our customers and their aircraft.