“We performed a paint prep and brightwork polishing on a Gulfstream IV that is owned by a very high-profile individual in American politics. We then applied Granitize X20 to the whole aircraft, including paintwork. This job was done in May, and the maintenance manager for the aircraft says it's the best the plane has ever held up, aesthetically speaking.”

Immaculate Flight, TX


“Granitize X20 made our charter Falcon 900 a 'stay clean' aircraft! The application process gave rebirth to our eight-year-old paint and saved our owner several hundred thousand dollars in repaint and losing charter revenue for time out of service.”

Chief Pilot, Charter Operator, WA


“Four years ago, when you introduced us to Granitize X20, we figured it was just another aircraft detailing product. Four years later, Xzilon is the only paint sealant we will use. Our customers request it by name. We recommend Xzilon to all of our corporate customers and many have it as a standard item for their appearance needs. We have used hundreds of different products over the years, with Granitize X20, there is no better product.”

John Cotton, Apex Aircraft Detailing, Louisville, KY


"You have my unreserved endorsement. Our only complaint (and it’s a good one) is that once we’ve use the Granitize X20 product and reduced the overall airframe friction factor we struggle to slow the aircraft down for landing, on the flip side we do get a significantly reduced fuel burn or an increase in range.

As you know my aircraft's an ex-military Jet Provost mk5 (see pictures attached, one is an in-service picture, so she looks rather neglected and one represents the way she looks today having been treated with your products).

After we started to use your products including Granitize X20, in 2011 we won the Royal International Air Tattoo’s concourse de elegance competition for best civilian operated aircraft.

The general comments we receive are that she looks like the day she was delivered to the RAF in September 1970, not how she looked during her service career, she’s fast approaching 43 years old and she’s never been rebuilt.”

Jeff Bell. Heritage Aviation/Jet Aerobatics


“Took my aircraft into Delta jets last Thursday for maintenance, they couldn’t believe the shine! By the way we started with full fuel tanks and based upon the usage for this trip we have reduced the fuel burn by a staggering 20% albeit with zero wind so this could be slightly misleading. Our previous fuel burn was 25lbs per minute and this reduced to 20lbs per minute for this trip, altitude was 3000 so technically it was classed as a low-level transit.”

Jeff Bell. Heritage Aviation/Jet Aerobatics


“Being a service provider for business aviation aircraft owners and operators, we require the best products for aircraft exterior protection. The appearance of the aircraft exterior is just as important to our customers as our technical services. Xzilon provides us the long-lasting protection of our customers’ assets against the environments.”

Koen Evers, JetSupport Amsterdam


“This Xzilon sealant they put on my plane while at Cessna GSO last week is superior to anything that I have ever had on my planes in my 36 years of aviation. The night I came home from Greensboro it rained on me upon landing at KY. I dried the leading edges and did nothing to the paint part before going home that night. The next day there was no spots (not one) anywhere on the paint and it shines like a new paint job (my paint is 6 years old now). I have had the so-called Teflon coating that Appearance Group offers 2 other times and at the beginning it does not come close to the process and brilliance with the Xzilon sealant. In less than 2 months the Teflon is gone, and I have seen no benefit from it especially when I see the brilliance of the Xzilon sealant in comparison. I expect the Xzilon sealant to last much longer from what I have seen thus far, and the process they use is much more in depth than the Teflon coating.”

Allen Miles. 525B-0092. Aviation Manager


“We have Xzilon applied on the painted fuselage 2 x F7X aircraft and F2000LX EASy. Both Customers are very satisfied and happy that they applied it, as the aircraft look much better. Paint looks always good; it is shiny and smooth. In the winter conditions, it is easier to remove the snow and ice (feedback from crew) even with the brush. When de-icing fluid is applied, it is much faster to have snow/ice removed. It is now easier to wash the a/c and water rinsing is more than enough (feedback from handling).

This year the owner of F7X re-applied again 3 x layers of Xzilon and he will keep on doing it if needed, as it has a lot of advantages. It is great product, and I would recommend to all a/c owners to have it applied.”

Iwona Kowalska. Deputy Airworthiness Manager.

FlyingGroup. Antwerp, Belgium



As a team owner in Formula BMW and Formula 3, I can honestly say that xzilon has made a huge difference to the preparation appearance and performance of all or racing cars.

The preparation time is reduced and the ease with which we are able to maintain the pristine look of the cars is a real benefit to our small crew.

The finish we are able to achieve with minimal effort is far superior to any other system we have used before.

We are amazed at the performance gain we have experienced since treating the Formula BMW car it is measurable and we have seen this in Oliver Turvey’s results.

During the 2006 Formula BMW season we have achieved some spectacular results, with 8 Pole positions, 5 Wins, 5 Second places, 1 Third place and six fastest laps.

We finished Second overall in the Championship, despite being unable to compete in the first six races. However one aspect of our otherwise superb performance mystified us ….we never gained top spot in the speed traps or the sector time analysis, that was until we began to use Granitize products. Since Donington park when we first used 3AECI on the Formula BMW car we have almost always featured in the top 5 in the speed traps and sector times and we are frequently in top position.

As an example, you can see from the attached speed trap/sector time data from Silverstone, we were well down during testing, but following the now mandatory pre-qualifying re-application of Xzilon, we regained our top 5 spot and secured 2 Pole positions for the races, winning the first race and finishing second in the second race.

I cannot praise highly enough the support we have had from Tony Redmond and would recommend his services and Granitize products to anyone interested in a giving 'Totally Professional' finish to their racing cars and making unprecedented gains in aerodynamic performance.

Trevor Powell

Owner Team LOCTITE